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Make your business a better and more innovative version of it.

We specialize in improving performance and streamlining your operational processes using the most innovative technologies available. The process always begins with a thorough analysis, taking into account your needs and taking a practical approach. Together we will decide on a desirable strategic direction and work to achieve it in the schedules and resources that suit you.

We have the ability to be the technological spearhead that will take you to the highest peak. Our processes are based on extensive business knowledge and experience, an in-depth analysis of your business needs, the highest technological capability and excellent human relations. Our experts operate under the understanding that only a process based on knowledge and touching on the 3 layers of technology, processes and people will lead to effective solutions over time. We bring added value thanks to combining our deep business knowledge with technological expertise.

Do you have a business need? We have a solution

Full response to strategic and technological changes, customized to customer needs and requirements and with long-term thinking

2 things we do differently (and a little better) than most competitors:

We focus on a detailed understanding of the specific business process. We are not afraid to put ourselves in the shoes of our client employees, to deal with the work being done and to perform an in-depth analysis of the process data. Our work is always conducted accordingly and according to the success metrics of the specific client we work with. We understand that each client is unique, so based on in-depth knowledge of the client, our consultants will recommend solutions and improvements.

Hyper Automation

The next step of automation

What is?

A set of advanced technological tools that are able to stretch your technological ability to the edge and among other things while combining innovative technologies such as:

    • AI
    • Machine Learning
    • Process Mining
    • Advanced Analytics
    • NLP
    • Human Workflows
    • RPA
    • And more

Why is it worth it?

Hyper-Automation is RPA on steroids. An organization that has exhausted the capabilities of expansion and enhancements through classic RPA will be able to find many benefits by using hyper-automation and integrating these technologies into automation. Hyper Automation is the digital change that will significantly increase the efficiency, productivity and level of service in your organization.

Who is it for?

For any organization that has successfully passed the robotic automation phase. A “startupist” organization that is ready at this stage to take risks (some of the technologies in the maturation stages) and be a pioneer in its field. An organization that feels it has exhausted its ability to become more efficient through standard automation

Robot Factory

Accelerating the pace of robot production in the organization to reaching a rate of 40-50 robots (or 80-90 micro-robots) per year. The construction of the plant may take about 3 months, but the organization's ability to change and advance digitally shortly thereafter will be invaluable.

OCR Combination

Optical recognition of letters and numbers in photocopied, scanned or PDF documents, and converting them to commands and information that a robot knows how to work on while maintaining a high level of accuracy saves a lot of manpower copying these documents to the computer and contributes greatly to functionality and flexibility of administrative processes. To customers.

VOICE Combination

Using voice gives the robot capabilities to integrate into many and varied processes through analysis, understanding and motivation for action


Robotics Process Automation technology enables the integration of automations in business processes

  • What is?

RPA is not a physical robot, but a defined software capable of performing a wide range of processes according to organizational needs. The software “sits” on the company’s IT infrastructure, “enters” systems, pulls data, analyzes them using advanced algorithms, feeds systems and generates reports. The robot is responsible for all stages of the process from A to T in accordance with the defined business rules. The robot is set up so that it can complete all stages of the process, follow the business rules set for it and use systems identical to the systems in use today.

  • Why is it worth it?

Technology has a significant impact on manual work processes that are repeated by their people by: doubling unlimited labor 24 hours a day and by multiple machines. Reducing employee abandonment in “boring” processes, minimizing human errors, quick implementation (several weeks) and ROI of more than 1: 5 (often the return on investment is already in the first year)

  • Who is it for?

For any organization that encounters a large turnover of employees who are required to perform repetitive operations and according to clear procedures / rules. For organizations with many mistakes of back-office workers or with few high-cost mistakes. For any organization with a back office of more than 10 employees and certainly with many dozens.

Optimization Processes

Streamlining performance, saving time and resources and maximizing human error, by examining existing human processes in the organization and transferring them to the execution of the robot.

Automation Strategy

Building a strategic plan for the automation of the organization based on an organizational mapping of the needs of the units based on "cost-benefit".

Tools & Processes Implementation

Beyond robotic automation in routine and repetitive organizational processes using advanced technological tools.