Our Products

We at Ez -R.O.I have developed a variety of unique products that will allow you to successfully implement RPA


An advanced and unique tool for business monitoring, which allows you to manage the robots, identify faults in tangent systems and robotic processes, and take care of them or take care of higher utilization of the robots. The system provides you and the business user with a snapshot of the performance of all the robots embedded in the company in question. Each manager can see the processes that the robots perform for him in ON-LINE and identify loads. The system allows flexible analyzes according to process / robot / period and more of all the processes that occurred during the period. In SLA and take action in a timely manner.


An advanced and unique tool for monitoring at the technological level, which allows the operations manager to monitor, monitor and understand where each robot is in the process.
All of our robotic processes are supported by the auditor's infrastructure management tool with a broad view of the entire robot environment and their most efficient utilization potential.
The system enables fault section analysis according to infrastructure robots, business processes, machines, launching systems, wizards, steps, etc. This system allows us to manage the FALLBACKS in the process and fix the faults so that even though there were apparent failures in a standard robotic process, for the business customer the process will end successfully. The tool allows for quick diagnostics of faults and quick investigation of the operation of the robots. The tool also allows sending an SMS to the operator in case of a malfunction.


Justifies his reputation. Lives Up to his name. The virtual employee tool allows the business manager to independently manage his robots between processes as if they were his employees. In the physical world, during workloads employees can be transferred (as much as trained) between tasks however in the IT world the process is more complex. Imagine as a manager that you have 5 robots capable of performing about 10-15 processes and you are not required to contact the operations department or IT for employee diversion. The tool allows a manager at the push of a button (or email) to move employees between tasks and gives managers greater managerial flexibility and transparency in what their robots are doing at any given moment.


An advanced and unique tool used to increase the efficiency of the work done by the robots in the organization. The tool gives control of all the existing robots in the company in a controlled and monitored manner, which allows tasks to be transferred from robot to robot according to the existing situation at any given moment. The tool enables maximum efficiency from the robots in the organization, which ensures maximum output for each existing robot through sophisticated and accurate monitoring and control, which allows you to get an up-to-date picture at any given moment.