Who Are We

Ez-ROI was established while gathering many years of experience in the business world and with a unique specialization and purpose for one purpose: to convert human business processes into robotic automation processes (RPA)

Robotic automation processes, RPA, are one of the most prominent trends in the 4.0 Industry Revolution that has burst into our lives in recent years and is one of the emerging areas in the business world according to Gartner surveys for 2019 and 2020. Ez-R.O.I has grown from decades of business process improvement experience and specializes in understanding Business processes and understanding the conversion of a process performed by a human into an automated process. This, while emphasizing the business-process model, and encouraging a process of customer discovery and development, and continuous interaction, to achieve the right product for the right process. In our experience, choosing the right business processes and at the right time will benefit the customer to promote automation processes at the organizational level.

Ez-R.O.I helps companies increase their operational efficiency while implementing a highly intelligent and intuitive robotic process that enables end-to-end process automation. We specialize in reducing the operating costs of companies. In our experience, companies thrive thanks to the use of RPA technologies and our full service platform. Using RPA (Robotics Process Automation) technology, we reduce the amount of repetitive tasks that can frustrate the organization's employees, transfer their performance to virtual employees, improve process automation and reduce costs. In our experience, a good RPA process can reduce operating costs by 50% -80% as early as the first year.
We have been specializing in improving business processes for over 20 years. The art of business improvement lies in a quick ROI (return on investment).
Our team works with many diverse companies in order to automate their business processes, introduce them to new automation ideas and maximize their ROI.

Our Pillars

Vision. Values. Goals.


Provide the best technological process improvement for companies that allows them to focus on core activities, reduce employee frustration from robotic activities performed by them and create value for human work and lead the RPA field in Israel.


We work to provide businesses with the tools they need to implement automated processes and motivate their employees to be more productive and creative. Commitment to the customer, in the customer's offices - we believe in the concept of "no office" - our employees work in the customer's office. We have learned from experience that this is the best way to understand the needs of our customers and provide them with the most professional service. Beyond expectations - we are always required to provide the Unexpected value to our customers. Innovation - We strive to develop utilities and implement innovative technologies and lead the industry. Honesty and mutual respect - We will behave honestly with our customers, suppliers and us. Our employees are our assets - we are committed to the constant development of our employees and their empowerment.


Our mission is to help companies increase their efficiency through familiarity with a highly intelligent and intuitive robotic process that enables end-to-end process automation. Companies thrive thanks to the use of our technologies and our full service platforms.

why Ez-R.O.I?

Professionalism. Experience. Reliability. Proficiency.

We are committed to respecting the needs, corporate culture, identity and goals of our customers. We help them achieve their goals, adapt their event experience, provide them with an innovative environment and bring about change thanks to our extensive experience at the forefront of the business world and extensive knowledge of specific protocols and local regulation we have become experts and skilled in working with different sectors. Our experts demonstrate their skills in the field of RPA. The process of analyzing and designing the most appropriate solutions enables us to provide reliable and quality products and services. Passion, training and constant search are the key factors that enable us to improve daily the services we offer our customers.


Shlomi Kot

The company is headed Mr. Shlomi Kot (CPA, MBA) has extensive experience of decades in the field. Shlomi worked for twenty one years until the establishment of the company, as a partner in consulting at EY and management teams advice and improving processes in the different sectors.In this context, performed Shlomi diverse projects Shlomi has experience working with most insurance companies in the country, the various banks, credit card companies, government companies, various government bodies, etc. In recent years Shlomi has focused on the RPA field and during 2019 he founded Ez-R.O.I.